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“America’s funniest psychic…Dingman’s uncanny accuracy – and lunatic hilarity – merge two classic showbiz traditions: comedy and psychic phenomena.  A Must See!” HuffingtonPost

Lars outs 16 year old LIAR

Last week, Dr. Dingman was invited to perform at the prestigious Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles.  He singled out a 16 year old boy in the crowd, brought him to stage, and gave a spectacular reading, accurately describing his recent relationship, the reason it ended and even how the boy’s iPhone got shattered. An amazing – and hilarious – feat of psychic insight. This is video of the entire 14 minute reading.

Jarvis the Maltese

LIVE Psychic Reading: Jarvis is a Project Manager for AT&T. His 3 songs reveal that he is living a life hidden behind ‘masks’, cloaking himself in mystery. Dr. Dingman explains how a past life as an over-sexed lap dog is blocking Jarvis’ true voice. To fix this blockage in his Vibrational Cone, Dr. Dingman asks Jarvis to open up his soul and let the music out. Live. On stage.

Animal Angela

LIVE Psychic Reading: Angela loves animals, but is NOT loved at work.  Dr. Dingman psychically identifies a male and female nemesis in her office, then shows her how to triumph over their destructive energy by connecting Angela’s current life to her past… as a monkey and a famous animal lover from history.

Classical Engineer

LIVE Psychic Reading: Dr. Dingman brings an argumentative skeptic up from the audience to heal him. His three songs reveal the man is a mechanical engineer. Intuiting the man needs to disengage from his scientific mind to become more in tune with his personal sensual energy, Dr. Dingman  leads him through a self-touching exercise and peers so deeply into the man’s Vibrational Cone that he leaps off the stage, shrieking  like a madman.  Powerful.

Running Buffalo

LIVE Psychic Reading: High School Teacher Kurt is running TO his future. In a past life, he was a Buffalo in the Old West who was the leader of his heard, until natives dressed in Wolf’s Clothing ran him… off.


In 1943, Dr. Nikola Tesla died in the Ramada New Yorker hotel. Within an hour of his passing, the FBI broke into the room and confiscated ALL of his SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS. They have never been seen again.  Below is a document leaked to me by a whistle blower regarding this break-in – which is still denied by the government as if it never happened.

This document below was sent to me in an unmarked paper-wrapped package. The return address on the package read: “Washington, DC.”  The package also contained a xerox copy of one of Tesla’s notebooks. In an unsigned cover letter, the leaker explains she/he sent this to me because they are:

“…familiar with my work, and the formulas and sketches in this notebook, will enlighten you and point the way for you to make amazing discoveries regarding the psychic power of vibration.”

I read the journal, memorized it, then burned it in a Webber Grill located in Highland Park, Il. The information I learned, did indeed enlighten me, and forms the basis of my work to this day.  


Dr. Dingman Sees... Jess Just Broke Up & Must Sing the Beatles to be Free

World Renowned Dr. Lars Dingman, the Award Winning “iTunes Psychic” from Prague, can foretell a subject’s future simply by knowing the LAST THREE SONGS THAT WERE RANDOMLY PLAYED by the person’s digital music player.  He works in both Android and iOS. According to US News and World Report, “In 2013, Dr. Dingman mysteriously came into possession of the recovered secret notebooks of Nikola Tesla that were confiscated by the FBI upon Tesla’s death on January 7, 1943. Using previously unknown methods – purportedly gleaned from these personal journals – Dr. Dingman is now able to tune his innate psychic gift to predict the future of his subjects, merely by tuning into the vibrational patterns of last three songs played for the subject. “Sound… energy… matter, it’s all Vibration. SOUND is VIBRATION,” Dr. Dingman states in a recent interview in Vanity Fair. ” “According to Tesla, everything we own, all the objects that we handle and use on a daily basis, pick up the unique “energy Imprint” of its owner,” explains Dr. Dingman from his Los Angeles offices. “An iPod or cell phone or digital music player of any kind is no different – except for the Zune. Can’t crack that thing.  By relinquishing control of what songs are played, and allowing the device to “select” your songs for you, you and your object come into harmonic alignment thereby creating an energetic connection between the inanimate object and the very animate person. I learned this important insight from the Great Nikola Tesla. He made this discovery in 1942, during the war. It’s all detailed in his personal notebooks, but when he died less than a year later in 1943, the FBI raided the New Yorker Hotel and confiscated ALL his papers and classified them TOP SECRET… so Tesla’s greatest discovery never saw the light of day.” “Until now. In June 2006, a “Deep Throat” within the Bureau leaked the notebook to me,” crows Dr. Dingman, “and the rest is history.”

“Because of my unique psychic gift,” he explains, “I’m able to utilize Tesla’s scientific insights and combine them with my sixth sense to predict the future of any individual based solely and completely on the last three RANDOMLY PLAYED songs from their iPod, phone or digital music player. The randomization is the key.  By allowing the machine – the energetic amalgam of vibrating electrons – to select the songs you will hear, I’m able to interpret what each song – sequence of vibrations – means about your future.  Simple.  Tesla himself saw this future prior to his death.  In fact, the final entry in his notebook read, “U budućnosti’ bellman “će čuti budućnost.” “Translated from his native Croatian, the phrase reads “In the future, a bellman will hear the future,” explains Dr. Dingman.  The FBI and everyone else assumed Tesla was talking about a worker in the hotel where he lived, a concierge or bellman. But they were wrong. He was talking about ME, Dr. Lars DINGMAN, in the future.  And now, the future is here. Actually, it just passed. It’s the past now, but you know what I mean…”
Dr. Dingman has performed his insightful, and extraordinary humorous, shows at Universities and Institutes all around world, and is currently on a US Tour of comedy clubs – to reach the ‘common folk’ outside of the ivory towers of higher education. Unlike other celebrity psychics, Dr. Dingman steadfastly refuses payment for his psychic readings, asking instead that his clients contribute what they’re able to their favorite charity. “Money? What do I need money for?” chirps the cantankerous seer. “My gifts have provided all the insights I needed to ensure my financial wellbeing. Now it’s my duty to share my gifts with the world!”  During his current club tour, Dr. Dingman is only charging enough to cover his travel and living expenses, unlike other celebrity psychics, who charge clients thousands of dollars/ hour. “Funny? Sure I’m funny. The future is Hilarious!  If I had told you 20 years ago that a guy would prefer to stare at a computer screen than to grope a flesh and blood woman, you’d laugh your ass off. And look around – young women are developing a new kind of carpal tunnel syndrome because they never, ever  put down their phones, who’d believe that in 1998?” he explains.  “And it gets better. And funnier. The future wins, the best we can do is laugh along and enjoy the ride.” Dr. Dingman is available for radio interviews on Chicago radio prior to his local appearances.  To schedule an on air time slot, please contact Adam Brett at itunespsychic@gmail.com or call (323) 850-3292 Follow Dr Dingman @itunespsychic

Dr. Dingman sees...Her Next Life as an Angry Rhino

by Dr. Lars Dingman | WGN Radio

Dr. Dingman Sees... His Boss, His Wife & the Fireman

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Dr. Dingman sees... Hairy Men singing Spirituals in his future

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Dr. Dingman Predicts Wild Card & NLDS Victories for Chicago Cubs 2 weeks BEFORE they happen!


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